Town Council Agenda and Packet

The Town Council Agenda and the packet items that are available electronically will appear here before the Council meeting.

Packet Items

  1. Interview and Appointment of 3 Candidates to serve on the Parks and Recreation Committee
  2. Interview and Appointment of Candidate to serve on the Fairfax Open Space Committee
  3. Approval of the Notice of Completion for the Bike Spine Project
  4. Approval of the Notice of Completion for the Sir Francis Drake Bike Lane Striping Project
  5. Approval of agreement with Marin County for proceeds from Marin Parks, Open Space, and Farmland Preservation Transactions and Use Tax Ordinances (Measure A)
  6. Adoption of Resolution 13-53 requesting a change to the Funding Agreement 2008-2009 with the Transportation Authority of Marin to substitute the repaving of Scenic Road for Tamalpais Road
  7. Approval of Town Council minutes for the October 2, 2013 regular and special meetings, and the October 22, 2013 special meeting
  8. Acceptance of July, August, and September Financial reports
  9. Adoption of Resolution 13-54 adopting a policy for the Town Manager to establish furlough days for Town Hall employees between the regular holidays of December 24th and January 1st
  10. Adoption of Resolution 13-55 Directing Staff to Develop Requirements for Posting Noticing Signs for Projects Proposed in the Town’s Commercial Zones
  11. Adoption of Resolution 13-56 to apply to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for a grant to fund bike racks 
  12. Adoption of Resolution 13-57 in support of urgent international rescue of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility
  13. Authorization to become a signatory to MOMAS Draft Comments regarding the Marin County Department of Agriculture’s 10-Year Invasive Weed Management Plan
  14. Farmers Market Report
  15. Roots to Branches youth activities
  16. Appeal of Planning Commission denial of a Setback Variance, application 13-23, 130 Wood Lane,  to legalize an unpermitted carport within the required 5-foot setback
  17. Discussion/consideration of the 76 Spruce Road regarding compliance with Town Code and site maintenance issues
  18. Introduction and First Reading By Title Only of Ordinance No. 773 to Adopt the 2013 California Building Standards Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Parts 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12, Which Consists of the  California Administrative, Building, Residential, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy, Historical Building, Existing Building, Green Building Standards, and Referenced Standards Codes, And Adopting the 2012 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code
  19. Introduction and First Reading By Title Only of Ordinance No. 774 to Adopt The 2013 California Fire Code, Portions of the 2012 International Fire Code, and Appendix A of the 2012 International Wildland-Urban Interface Code
  20. Adoption of Resolution 13-58 Approving a new garbage and recycling service rate for front load compactor fees in the Town of Fairfax
  21. Traffic Impact Permit for 2001 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. for a combination Chevron Gas Station/Express Mile convenience store – continued to December 4th meeting per Applicant’s request
  22. Approval of the Notice of Completion for the Pastori Bank Stabilization Project
  23. Discussion/Consideration of regulations regarding roosters within the Town limits
  24. Discussion/consideration of the status of the clean-up of the property at 159 Willow
  25. Discussion/consideration of disposition of Town surplus personal property
  26. Approval of Town Council Meeting schedule for calendar year 2014
  27. Second Reading by title only and Adoption of Ordinance No. 770, An Ordinance of the Town Council of the Town of Fairfax Amending Sections 8.20.060(C)(1) and (2), 8.20.070(D) and 8.20.120(A)(2) and (B) of the Town Code of the Town of Fairfax Relating to the Control of Noise and Noise-Generating Equipment, Permitted Hours of Operation, Including an Exception Application Process and Lifting Limitations During Declared States of Emergency
  28. Second Reading by title only and Adoption of Ordinance No. 772 Amending the Municipal Code by Adding Section 8.08.130 (Establish Mandatory Commercial Recycling Within the Town of Fairfax)

To make our agendas available in a more timely and efficient manner, we have a created a noticing list for the distribution of Town Council agendas via email.  If you would like to receive Town Council agendas via email, please provide your email address to the Deputy Town Clerk at mgardner@townoffairfax.org

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