Planning Commission Agenda and Packet

The Planning Commission packet items that are available electronically will appear here before the commission meeting.


The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be on March 30, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Women's Club, 46 Park Road (map).

Packet Items



  1. 50 Scenic Road; Application # 17-08
    Recommended for Continuance off calendar at request of the applicant; Request for a Use Permit and Side Setback Variance to relocate a 221-square-foot, one-car, garage 19 feet north of the front property line to provide an additional 9-foot by 19-foot parking space on-site for the existing 687-square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, residence; Assessor’s Parcel No. 001-131-20; Residential RD 5.5-7 Zone; Laura Kehrlein, architect/applicant; Jeanne Lotta-Sellars and Thomas Sellars, owners; (Zoning Technician Levenson).


  1. 118 Tamalpais Road; Application # 17-05
    Continued consideration of a modification of a previously approved Side-yard Setback Variance and Encroachment Permit for a retaining wall and access stairway to an existing single-family residence.  The existing stairway was destroyed in a land slide almost 6 years ago; Assessor’s Parcel No. 002-121-61; Residential Single-family RS 6 Zone District; Nick Rasic, applicant; Federal National Mortgage Association, owner; CEQA categorically exempt, §15301 and 15305(a). (Principal Planner Neal)

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  2. 156 Toyon Road; Application # 17-09)
    Request for a Use Permit for a 247-square-foot, storage room addition to an existing 1,860-square-foot, single-family residence; Assessor’s Parcel No. 003-152-28; Residential Single-family RS-6 Zone; Owen Gump, applicant; Carl Diehl and Nancy Gump, owners; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15301(a) and 15301(e)(1). (Zoning Technician Levenson)
  3. 760 Center Boulevard; Application # 14-06
    Request for Design Review approval of proposed changes to a previously approved Design Review Permit for a 320-square-foot, drive-through, commercial building currently under construction; Assessor’s Parcel No. 002-131-13; Highway Commercial CH Zone District; Rich Dowd, architect/applicant; Rick Carson, business owner; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15301(a). (Principal Planner Neal)
  4. 85 Bolinas Road, Suites 1, 2 and 3; Application # 17-10
    Request for a Use Permit for a 2,600-square-foot, health clinic on the ground floor of an existing commercial building; Assessor’s Parcel No. 002-122-27; Central Commercial CC Zone; Dr. Joseph Smith, applicant; Peter Stroeber, owner; CEQA categorically exempt, 15301(a). (Principal Planner Neal)
  5. Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance; discussion/consideration of a draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance being proposed to bring the Fairfax Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance into compliance with new State Regulations; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15300.1, and Statutory Exemptions, Public Resources Code §§ 21080.15(b)(15) and 21080.17.


  1. Minutes from the February 16, 2017 meeting.

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